At Great Strides Behavioral Consulting we are dedicated to providing quality behavior intervention for children with Autism, their families, schools and other agencies.    We utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)as our primary treatment methodology.  Over 30 years of extensive scientific research to demonstrates that ABA is the most effective approach for treating children with  Autism Spectrum Disorders and other behavioral and  development disorders.   ABA is the application of  behavioral science and learning theories to teach various skills, such as communication, behavioral, social skills, play and leisure skills, classroom readiness skills,  organizational skills, emotional development and regulation, initiation, reading, academic’s, daily living skills, independence skills  and community living.


While we have found certain teaching techniques to be consistently effective, we also recognize that each person working with a child has their own style and unique contribution to make to the educational treatment process. Although many different techniques are used as part of treatment, the primary instructional method is discrete trial teaching.  Discrete trial teaching is a specific methodology used to maximize learning.  In the media today there is much confusion about ABA and discrete trial teaching.  Simply put, it is a teaching strategy that is used not soley for teaching language, nor is it only employed for children with Autism.  It’s just good teaching that can be used for all ages and populations!!

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